Meaning Behind Our Name

The name Jacobian Wealth Advisory shares its roots with two sources. The first is a Jacobian Matrix, a mathematics term that refers to ordered pairs of partial derivatives in an algebraic equation. A partial derivative is a fancy term to describe how something specific changes. In a Jacobian Matrix, if you can determine what's changing, you can solve the problem.

In many ways, that's our job at Jacobian Wealth Advisors, to determine changes in various markets, the economy, interest rates, tax codes, estate law, and the financial needs of our clientele are all a part of this equation.

The second source is a bible story that strikes as an insightful investment illustration. In the story, Jacob had been tricked by his father-in-law, Laban, into marrying the wrong girl. He was told he could marry the right girl if he worked for seven years. As additional payment, he would receive Laban's speckled sheep and goat.

Laban didn't see much value in these “blemished” animals, but Jacob did. He kept them well-fed and saw to it that these sheep and goats bred faster than the rest. By the end of the seven years, Jacob amassed an enormous quantity. While these animals at one time may have sold at a discount for being inferior, they now garnered premium prices for their renown in being of superior quality.

Recognizing the value in something others do not, putting in hard work to ensure the greatest chance of success, and giving an investment time are timeless investment truths. So, in this sense, Jacobian refers to “investing like Jacob” and is the inspiration for the spotted lamb logo.